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Urban Mapping

Now it's possible to digitize all buildings in the World using Computer vision and Satellite imagery

    "Urban Mapping" aims to detect and classify buildings and infrastructure in different countries and regions, providing the vector msks for further analysis
    Additional post-processing and human verification can be applied to get the ready-to-use datasets enriched with populataion and urban typology data
    The project is powered by Geoalert platform that enables automatic workflows for big geodata analysis

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Building & construction

The detection of construction sites and analysis of the progress within the areas of users interest. The service is provided as Email reports or via platfrom's API

It’s possible to use satellite data for detection of construction and assessment of the construction progress in residential or industrial patterns. It is considered to be the fastest and the most effective way to perform such indicators as overall or individual development progress.

Based on historical imagery it's even possible to make predictions if the project would be completed in time.

  • Completness. In the example bellow the developers reports aggregation, wchich is quite complete, makes only 25% of all constructions and 75% of new apartment buildings in the area accordingly

  • Historical imagery - objective assessment of construction dynamics and the possibility of forecasting the estimated time of construction completness

  • Private houses construction - the significant percentage of constructions

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