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Urban Mapping

Now it's possible to digitise every building in the world using Computer vision and Satellite imagery

    "Urban Mapping" aims to detect and classify buildings and infrastructure in different countries and regions, providing vector masks for in-depth analysis
    Additional post-processing and manual verification can be applied to get ready-to-use datasets enriched with populataion and urban typology data
    This project is powered by Geoalert platform that enables automatic workflows for big geodata analysis

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Monitoring of construction

Construction site detection and construction progress monitoring within the specified areas of interest. You get the results as PDF reports by email or via the Platfrom's API

It’s possible to use satellite data for detection of construction and assessment of the construction progress in residential or industrial areas. It is considered to be the fastest and the most effective way to detect construction progress.

Based on historical imagery it's possible to predict whether the project is likely be completed in time.

  • Completeness. In the example below, the report shows a noteable discrepancy between the expected progress and the actual situation: only 25% of all and 75% of new apartment buildings in the area have been finished in time

  • Historical imagery - unbiased assessment of construction dynamics and duration prediction

  • Private house construction - a significant part of all constructions

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