Be forewarned of significant events and stay alerted of what's going on nearby or in your area

GeoAlert platform enables to get and analyze information on critical events and potential risks regarding ones location or area of interest. We are the group of experts and technologists who are focused on different aspects of data mining and remote sensing, using data from satellites and Media. We develop tools that accelerate deсision making workflow by alerting operational and analytics teams with timely and actionable information of environment and keeping them informed of ongoning changes.


Urban Monitoring

The "Urban Monitoring" database service provides aggregated analytics and classification of buildings and city infrastructure in Urban areas. We use most recent satellite imagery and Machine learning to collect main indicators of functional structure of residential areas and population.

Geoalert Connect


Constant access to location analysis. Feed your application or workflow with information extracted from pixels and texts. We provide customization for industry units: Earth observation monitoring of protected zones of linear objects; buildings and infrastructure change detection.

Geoalert Reports

The reporting service allows to choose between preprocessed city areas, define your polygon of interest and get interactive report via web app. We constantly add more cities and areas on the list. Provide us with your location of interest.


We are looking forward to working with companies actively interested in development and implementation of analytics tools and models for Environmental Risk Management under decision making and operational workflow.


Geoalert Connect API allows to integrate emergency news from news sources into GIS portal of ICDO's monitoring center to provide this infomation to the associate ICDO members from more than 20 states.


WWF portal for FCS certified forest leasholders allows users to detect and estimate deforestation in the area of interest and get alerts of the changes in the tree cover. Provides evaluation of forest losses and statistical fires risks in the area.

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The opensource project to detect significant events around disasters and environmental risks and locate them on the map. The pipeline enables to extract information from different Media feeds and classify it by the contextual and geographical proximity.

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Research projects

Landfill confrontation

Monitoring of news events around landfill confrontation in Moscow region. The prototype collects news from different sources and extracts the semantics of news topic and location.

Urban Development Index

This concept proposes estimations of Urban changes and growth by the difference of cities infrastructure in multitemporal satellite images. It's powered by Planet's and Digitalglobe's world imagery. The demo map is comming soon...