Mapflow AI for utility monitoring –

analysis of vegetation risks and work control near powerlines

Get reported on vegetation management

Safeguard the assets with remote control. Get continuous updates: subscribe for automated reports or implement our API into your workflow. Mitigate risks of power outages and plan costs for management works in the area. Analyze vegetated areas and tree heights using recent satellite imagery. The data updates are to be delivered in the form of alerting reports or GeoJSON by your area of interest.


Super cost-effective for the large linear infrastructure and distributed utility assets. Lidar technology and aerial surveys aretop-notch data but might be expensive when it comes to extensive power transmission line networks, where monitoring vegetation risks is a constant challenge. Our AI models are trained on lidar data to perform on a single satellite imagery with an accuracy of F1 0.6–0.8 depending on the vegetation class and can be used in combination with other data surveys.

GIS and API integration

Our solution has an integration with QGIS providing an immediate workspace for data analysts using free and popular desktop software. Solution developers can start integration using Mapflow public API. The deliverables and API can be customized to meet your workflow requirements whenever you work with familiar professional software or download reports.

Data streaming

Recent satellite imagery powered by the data streaming services enable instant access to global data with automatic processing (e.g. Maxar SecureWatch). You can also use your own UAV / Satellite images or the data subscription to get it securely connected to our AI platform.

Open geodata – Github

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