Geoalert Analytics & Mapping Platform

Get insights from Space and Maps from pixels. Stay aware, analyse and make decisions faster with our geoanalytics platform powered by Earth Observation data and Deep Learning AI

What is Geoalert?

We perform instant, AI-powered analysis of any location in the world using satellite and aerial imagery to free data analysts from the cartographic routine and provide cartographers with powerful imagery analysis tools

Urban Mapping

Get building footprints classified by property type and enriched with heights and other characteristics.


Leverage operative mapping and make decision faster using our image processing platform which provides ready-to-use ML models and instant access to major global satellite imagery providers.

Mapflow custom solutions

As satellites revolve around our planet, they produce time series of images that capture the state of the area at that time. Our Construction Monitoring solution leverages these time series to provide Property Developers with a factual report of their construction & development progress.

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