Geoalert Analytics Platform

Stay aware, analyse and make decisions faster - powered by Earth Observation and AI analytics

What Is Geoalert Platform

We provide instant analysis of any location in the world on satellite and aerial imagery and track changes. Data analysts, developers and decision makers can connect to our easy-to-use platform to process and download data in a form of Reports, Maps or API - choose what better suits your business.

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Geoalert LLC
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Urban Monitoring

The "Urban Monitoring" provides automatic mapping and classification of buildings in residential areas. Based on the most recent satellite imagery and ground data sources we collect main indicators by every single building for analysis in Retail, Real Estate and Urban planning.

Geolocated News

Be forewarned of significant events and stay alerted of what's going on nearby or in your area of interest. The workflow extracts information from different Media feeds and classify it by the contextual and geographical proximity.

Risk Management

Feed your application or business workflow with constant access to information extracted from pixels and texts. We provide customization for industrial units as:

  • Earth observation monitoring of protected zones of linear objects;
  • Buildings and infrastructure change detection;
  • Environmental risks; emergency mapping and more...